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Diving Medicals: Sports (Recreational) Diving

Why Do you Need a Diving Medical ?

If you answer yes to any of the questions on he BSAC/PADI/DSAT/Other Agency health questionnaire then you are usually required to have a fitness to dive medical.

A careful assessment of any medical condition in relation to your safety whilst diving is made. If you are planning to dive abroad some countries require a medical for all divers.

The Medical Examination:

The examination takes about 20-30 minutes and includes a full medical examination . Other tests such as blood tests, lung function or ECG may also be done if relevant to your health problem.

Your examination will be undertaken in our fully equipped, modern clinic.

Medical Costs:

Sports (Recreational) Diving Medicals £80

Payment: Cash or Cheques (made payable to Dr CE Newell). We cannnot accept credit/ debit cards at present.

Useful Medical Links:

A list of useful medical / diving related websites can be found here.


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